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Purpose Of The Enterprise
Create profits for shareholders.
Create opportunities for employees.
Create wealth for society.

Business philosophy
Creative thinking  Leaps and bounds
Putian in the development and growth continue to create social wealth, the staff realized the value of life in the pursuit of Putian development; positive, progressive, Putian core management excellence, leading the industry of the modern enterprise.
Business objectives
Recently: stable security industry first
Interim: into the world top ten industries
Forward: squeeze in China's private enterprises 50

Putian spirit
Unite Aggressive Innovation Health Happy

Putian team word
We are honorable people of Putian, our happiness comes from Putian's prosperity, Putian development needs of our labor, based on integrity, strict quality control, to ensure delivery, and strive to the boutique.

Quality Policy
Create high-tech
First class product
Building a professional management
To win the trust of customers
Build quality service
Heart continued to improve

Environmental Policy
1. Comply with national environmental regulations.
    The principle of putting prevention.
2. Improve the overall environmental awareness.
    The continuous improvement of the environmental.
3. Implementation of pollution control.
    Building healthy production environment.
4. Establish waste separation management.
    Effective control of environmental pollution.
5. Promote energy and resource conservation.
    Improve the utilization of energy resources.

Company logos and their meanings
For the company's logo on the left.
Sign the framework as a whole is an abbreviation of "China first";
Red power flag, indicating that we are engaged in electricity-related industries;
Green on behalf of environmental protection, energy saving, and hope to develop this talent of our products;
The whole pattern only represents the company in the industry, also said that the company united together to create a "Celebration" brand.

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