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Wuxi Putian Iron Core Events in 2007
2007 New Year's Day of Kara OK singing contest and sports competitions Awards Jing sound big cinemas success.
 January 2, Commission for Discipline Inspection (Ji Jianwei) was formally established.
 ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environment system certification and audit.
 Successful cooperation with Schneider.
 The 2006 advanced collectives and Top Ten scale enterprises in recognition of the General Assembly held company on the list.
 April 20th, the first session of the "World Cup Badminton Tournament and core" was successfully held in Zhang Jing School, our company won the team title.
April 25th -29 day, the company organization and management personnel to go to Hainan tourism.
 Punching workshop seven workshops reorganized into 2 large workshop, adjust the organizational structure of the company begins the prologue.
 Celebrate the May Day and "putian nine years time spanning the celebrate ChangQing style game activities carried out in succession.
 June 16th -17 ,MBA, Professor of Tsinghua University senior class president and student training, learning in our company.
 various cultural and sports activities. Shengshihuazhang "celebrate the day of success.
 In July 28th, "shengshihuazhang" the company held nine anniversary celebration.
 August 10th, the company Party branch was formally established.
 August 16th, the formal establishment of punching workshop three.
 August 31st, the sales organization of Mount Huangshan tourism.
 September 23rd, the organization of the company staff welcome national day, celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival "Tianmu Lake leisure tour" activities.
 In September 19th, President mailbox set.
 October - October 10th, the company and Zhang Jing Center Primary School Chinese chess tournament was held successfully in our company;
 In October 28th, the Department completed large adjustment.
 November 16, new pingyu activities center was officially established, open to employees.
 November 17, three changes the friendlies in Taizhou, Zhejiang.
 Caizi Xiang was elected chairman of the Xishan district deputies.
 November 30, the company's organizational structure adjustment, production system reorganization run, adjust the ISO 9001 quality management system.
 December 1 -29, celebrate the 2008 New Year's Day sports competitions carried out one after another.。
 Chairman Cai Zixiang attend the Xishan District People's Congress.
 December 21, Zhang Jing Central Primary School and school, badminton friendly match held in of Putian pingyu activity center.
 December 26th, badminton friendly match held in of Putian pingyu activity center with advanced chemical (Japanese).

Wuxi Putian Iron Core Events in 2008
 January 20, Xibei Town Spring "Celebration core Cup badminton competition in Company pingyu activity center success.
 End of January, heavy snow closed the city road closures, emergency dispatch company, the leadership personally led to participate in the fight against massive snowstorm activities.
 February 16, Cai Zaixiang, chairman led his unit to participate in the "three Cup Chess, in one fell swoop gains good results for the team title and won the individual top three dominated the clear demarcation line.
 February 21, New Year Staff Conference sports competitions awards ceremony in of Putian pingyu activities center was held.
 March 6, the company union was officially established, the union is, the vice-chairman, respectively, served by the Shuguang, in Haizhen.
 March 12, the company actively organize youth members to participate in the town of the Communist Youth League organization "green youth, green tin North, Green Olympics" Arbor Day activities.
 On March 17 Xishan Qujingmaoju leadership of his party 7 to company research.
 April 19th, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Xishan Committee Zhou Wanhong to come to our factory to interview, accompanied by the town committee secretary Zhou Lingyan, general manager Wang Xiangyang interview.
 May 5th, President Cai Zixiang was elected to the Xishan area ten "youth entrepreneurship pacesetter" title of honor.
 May 8th, the formal establishment of the company safety production committee and staff school.
 May 14th, the company actively organize the staff enthusiastically to the Wenchuan earthquake disaster area people donate.
 May 18th, Xishan welcomes the Olympics "Putian core Cup" badminton competition was successfully held in our company.
 June 11th, vice mayor of the Municipal Standing Committee, comrade Xu Jie (former Xishan party secretary) line to our company to inspect.
 In July, the "core 4 years celebration," celebrate the day the Olympic blessing of various cultural activities held successfully.
 July 28th, the "core 4 years, celebrate the" construction company 10 anniversary celebration held in Jing sound theatre.
 August 15th, chairman Cai Zixiang personally led the fall in local blood donation, blood donation number column tin Beizhen first.
 In August, the company was awarded the "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province" title of honor.
 In August, chairman Cai Zixiang to accept the "business" magazine interview tin.
 In September, the global financial storm roared, the company from top to bottom million people united as one man, tough tackling, actively.
 October 25th, "Putian singing, the 2009 New Year's Day" the style contest officially kicked off.
 In November, "Wuxi daily" reporter interviewed Cai Zixiang, chairman.
 In November 24th, the company with the fourth session of the "Weifu real open cup" Chinese chess chess tournament finals held in Ramada Plaza Wuxi Hotel.
 December 5th, 2008 days of VS's core Haopu titanium industry table tennis tournament held in I Pingyu center.
 December 30th, Putian core, Zhang Jing center primary school, Zhang Jing hospital first "health cup" sports tournament in I Pingyu center was held successfully.
Wuxi Putian Iron Core Events in 2009
 In the middle of January, the company was awarded the Xishan 2008 "youth civilization" and the glorious title.
January 26th annual lunar January first, Cai Zixiang chairman of leadership at the company plant, factory to during the Spring Festival still stick in their respective work cadres and employees pay New Year's call.
 In February 10th, We were invited to attend the Xishan Federation of trade unions organized area 25 key enterprises, workers, trade unions "co-operation agreement" signing ceremony, the executive department Zhou Shuguang as the only area a workers' representatives at the meeting made a statement.
  March 6th, our company won the 2008 annual "Wuxi municipal labor and social security integrity unit" the glorious title.
 The afternoon of April 22nd, "beyond the dream -- to celebrate the five one day. The" series of sports competitions of the tug of war was held in the company plant, the chairman Cai Zixiang personally supervise operations, marking the series style contest officially kicked off. April 29th, the "5.1" Putian core organization recreational fun games, held in the Zhang Jing School stadium.
 April 29th, the "5.1" Putian core organization recreational fun games, held in the Zhang Jing School stadium.
 The afternoon of May 2nd, Putian core the Sixth General Meeting of shareholders is held ceremoniously in the administrative building room on the third floor conference.
 May 8th, the company listed group was formally established, President Cai Zixiang himself as a leader.
 May 20th, the company first patent certificate to declare success, achieve the company's patent zero breakthrough.
 In May 23, 24, the second "Putian core Cup" badminton competition enterprises in Xishan stadium and Putian pingpong feather center grand. The leadership of Deputy Governor Zhang Yingxue personally supervise operations.
 In June 7, 8 , 9 , "Putian core Cup" of the tenth Wuxi games and department staff badminton match in Jiangnan University stadium opened Zhanmu, this activity by the company sponsorship.
 June 12th afternoon, committee secretary Zhu Aixun led the district leaders to visit the company inspection guidance.
 July 7th morning, Xishan district development and Reform Bureau Director Zhou Zhonglin, district office listed relevant leaders and accounting firms and other relevant personnel working conference
    held in coordination of listed shares in the company, marking the Putian core listed process was officially launched.
 July 28th, "beyond the dream" construction company 5 anniversary celebration held in Jing sound theatre.
 August 28th, Putian basketball team officially proclaimed.
 September 9, the company formally signed by ERP software management system.
 September 15, 20, the company successively in two batches of organization and management personnel to go to Laoshan Mountain and Haier to travel, study.
 In the middle of October, invested hundreds of million yuan a transverse shear line equipment installed in place, the transverse shear line have been amplified to 5.
  At the end of 10, clamps workshop spray-paint room project, shot blasting machine equipment installation is completed investment of nearly 2000000 yuan.
 In early November, "the winter of" Putian celebrate New Year's Day 2010 style competition opens on pingpong feather center.
 The morning of December 9th, the company was awarded the outstanding achievements of enterprises in Xishan District, workers, trade unions "co-operation agreement" award.
 In December 22nd, the company declared the success of high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu province.
 In the middle of December, the State Sports General Administration of the company awarded "national mass sports construction advanced unit" title of honor.

Wuxi Putian Iron Core Events in 2010
 January 12, 28.32 tons of weight, value of more than 70 core large SZ11-63000/110KV three-phase oil-immersed transformer million, is currently the largest production of transformer core.
 January 29, tin Beizhen "Putian core Cup" badminton tournament held in the spring, pingpong feather center.
  February 6, vice president, Shenyang Transformer Research Institute Vice President Chen Kui Xu party to visit the company guidance, Wang Xiangyang accompanied by general manager.
  February 18, Wuxi Putian core limited research on core technology institute was formally established, is currently the only.
 March 10, the company won the Xishan area "learning, innovation, service" glorious title by the party organization, the district Party committee commended.
 March 23, deputy director of the Xishan District Technology Bureau Cheng Yufeng led to the company to visit the scene information push.
 The afternoon of April 27th, tin Beizhen Party committee secretary Cai Chang, mayor of town of Taupo lead scale enterprises for more than 80 people who made a special trip to visit the factory.
 The afternoon of April 27th, chairman Cai Zixiang from the town of trade and Economic Cooperation meeting had "become bigger and stronger enterprise award", "award of innovation of science and  technology".
The afternoon of April 28th, the company arranged a worker He Zhijian won the "Xishan gold workers" glorious title.
 The morning of May 8th, table tennis and badminton in Putian Activity Center opened Zhanmu, lamination Workshop He Zhijian sixth straight championship.
 The morning of May 13th, tug of war was held in the company plant of Central Avenue, transverse shear team go all the way, outplayed other, won the championship of the tournament.
  In May 22, 23, backgammon, chess competition held on the third floor training room, Wang Xiangyang, Qu Dajian won the champion.
  In May 22, 23, 29, Xishan District third "Putian core Cup" badminton competitions were held in the stadium and Putian pingpong feather center.
  【June 】:
 June 14, the company badminton men's singles competition opened Zhanmu, No. 1 seed Cai Zixiang, won the championship.
 The afternoon of July 6th, union "Xishan joint promotion action" exchange of experience will be held in the Xishan Economic Development Zone, conference room, the company union chairman Zhou Shuguang and other three enterprises and institutions on behalf of the trade union chairman of Union were done in speech communication.
 July 23, vice president Liang Deliang professor of Xi'an Jiaotong University College of electrical engineering to visit our company, and reach an agreement and to build a "Xi'an Jiao Tong University graduate training base" related matters.
 The morning of July 28th, Putian core established 6 anniversary celebration ceremony held in Putian pingpong feather center.
 August 9th afternoon, Xishan district Party committee deputy secretary Comrade Hua Bingquan led the relevant leaders to come to the company inspection and investigation.
  【September 】:
 At noon on September 20th, held by the company Union and safety supervision department organization fall fire safety activities in branch, general manager Wang Xiangyang in person at the scene command, and made an important speech.
 The afternoon of September 21st, Putian core - Zhang Jing primary school mid-autumn friendship Gobang game activities held in the company on the third floor training room.
 In September, the company developed the "7 step ladder joint of transformer core" by Ministry of science and Technology identified as national key new products.
  【October 】:
 Joint efforts of strong charge in the Wang Xiangyang general manager and each department, workshop, workshop in October to achieve zero injuries.
  【November 】:
 In November 6th, Putian core mission branch 7 members in the town under the leadership of Communist Youth League Secretary Qian Lin, jointly launched the "civilization" volunteer activity.
 The afternoon of November 8th, Tianxin literary society to establish congress and the first meeting of the two editorial seminar held in the floor of the administrative building room, an important speech as president Cai Zixiang, editor-in-chief of the Wang Xiangyang.
 The morning of November 20th, "happy winter" Putian celebrate New Year's day in 2011 -- the core of sports competitions of badminton men's singles match, in Putian pingpong feather center lively opening.
 In December 11th, the snooker billiards competition held in Putian pingpong feather center, from the marketing department Wang Liying won the champion.
 The morning of December 17th, the Ministry of national two oil film symposium held in Taihu Hotel, President Cai Zixiang made an important speech of transformer core and two times of oil film in the meeting. Afternoon the delegation of 40 people to visit our factory.
 The morning of December 18th, Chinese chess competition held in the administration building on the third floor training room, the champion was from the Department of transportation Tian Mingding win.
 December 23rd afternoon, Xishan District Archives Bureau Director Song Yongmin and other leaders, vice secretary of village land and the new vice chairman Liang Linqiu in Ming Cun Wei held "three pairs to build, to excel" activity for the first time the forum, then led to the company song Bureau and workshop tour guide.
 The afternoon of December 30th, Putian core and Zhang Jing School to greet the new year's Day fun activities held in the Zhang Jing school.
 In December, the company was awarded the "private technology enterprises in Jiangsu province" title again; at the same time, the company also won the 2010 annual Wuxi city "green enterprise" the title of honor.

Wuxi Putian Iron Core Events in 2011
  The morning of January 8th, the eighth session of the board and the seventh shareholders in the administration building two floor conference room and meeting room on the third floor, Cai Zixiang held, presided over by the chairman of the conference.
  January 15,the New Year "Putian iron tin cup" badminton tournament held in our company pingpong feather center.
  The afternoon of January 17th, the third session of the medical spring Games opening in Putian pingpong feather center joy, Zhang Jing primary school team won the team title.
  In January, the company technical department by the Communist Youth League Xishan Committee assessed as "2010 Youth Civilization Xishan Gang", by the District Committee for.
  February 21, the 2009-2010 annual advanced in recognition of the general assembly, our company won "enterprises (industrial) scale Award" bronze, "tax contribution award" award and medal.
  February 21, the town Party committee work conference, Putian core Party branch secretary Comrade Cai Zixiang won the tin Beizhen 2009-2010 annual outstanding organization of basic level party secretary of the glorious title.
  The afternoon of March 5th, jointly organized by the Communist Youth League, women's federations town Federation of trade unions, and other units of the "youth about edge to your" youth fellowship activities held successfully in Putian core company.
  March 13, 27, the company is divided into two batches of cadres and civilian personnel to participate in the "Wuxi Meiyuan -- Changguangxi National Wetland Park" tour activities.
  In March, transformer core production company won the "brand-name products in Wuxi city" title, also be Jiangsu province famous brand products promotion committee assessed as a "brand-name products in Jiangsu province".
  April 1, the company invested in the Guangdong Foshan Branch officially opened operations, in the inaugural meeting, Wu Weiwei was appointed to the Guangdong Foshan branch general manager.
  In March 26th, April 2nd -3 day, the company successively in three batches of organized all the staff of the annual health examination.
  In April 20th, Schneider transformer company headquarters procurement chief Francis Laporte with Chinese regional sourcing manager Mr. Ma Bian five people, to company research.
  The afternoon of April 26th, Liao Bo won the town "gold workers", Xu Chunlian and QC department won the Jin Yongsheng town of outstanding employees, lamination Workshop won the town "workers vanguard" glorious title.
  April 28th morning, Xishan District Committee, district Party Committee Propaganda Minister Comrade Gao Yan led the District, town leaders to come to my company inspection, investigation.
  The afternoon of April 28th, lamination Workshop Director Zhang Rui won the tin mountain "gold workers" glorious title, company unions won the Xishan area "grass-roots trade union model," the title of honor.
  The afternoon of April 30th, Putian core welcome five one tug-of-war activities held in the branch of Central Avenue, a team of Champions into the clamps the hand, transverse cut was the runner-up.
  In May 28th, "the day" badminton competition held in the company and badminton activity center, Hua success defending champion, Liu Guoqing won the runner-up.
  On June 11-12, 18, the Fourth "Putian core Cup" enterprise staff badminton competitions were held in Xishan occupation center school, Putian core pingpong feather center.
  The afternoon of June 18th, the inaugural meeting of Xishan Badminton Association held in Putian iron company, deputy director of the Xishan District Sports Bureau Song Tiejun speech and made an important speech.
  The afternoon of June 21st, tin Beizhen celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC Founding Conference and "song to the party" Choral Festival was held in eight, Central Primary School, company group participated in Choral festival.
  July 1, the company chairman, Party branch secretary Comrade Cai Zixiang won the Xishan area 2008-2010 annual outstanding communist title.
  July 20th afternoon, group Party Secretary Zhang Xiaoqing five people in the town committee secretary Qian Lin accompanied the visit to the company, the League building.
  At 9:30 on the morning of August 3rd, tin Beizhen general labor union chairman Sun Haojun walked into the enterprise condolences to employees. Company union chairman, executive manager Zhou Shuguang made a warm reception.
  The morning of August 17th, vice secretary of Xishan District, district Party committee Comrade Lu Zhijian visit the company inspection, chairman Cai Zixiang, vice chairman Liang Linqiu and other leaders made a warm reception.
  In September, the company and the local government on the purchase of land, building new factories and other matters reached a preliminary intention, while the establishment of the new plant construction preparatory group.
  【October 】:
  The afternoon of October 14th, 2011 of tax-police enterprises "the alliance cup" badminton competition held in Putian pingpong feather center.
  In October 29th, Xi'an Jiao Tong University School of electrical engineering Dean Liang Deliang, three people came to the company contracted to "project" Research on magnetic characteristics of transformer core under multi-factors.
  The afternoon of November 13th, 2011 in Wuxi City, "bank-enterprise Cup" badminton competition held in the City Sports Center gymnasium.
  November 16th morning, Xishan District Technology Bureau Director Chen Xinyu to come to the company to research, Cai Zixiang chairman, general manager Wang Xiangyang made a warm reception.
  The afternoon of December 10th, the company the first CAD computer drawing competition in the office building on the third floor technology department opened Zhanmu, champion by Technology Department of printing hotty win.
  The morning of December 13th, the company won the Xishan area to deepen the "joint promotion action" advanced unit.
  The afternoon of December 16th, and Zhang Jing School Association competition held in badminton activity center.
  The afternoon of December 28th, the fourth session of the medical spring Games opening in Putian pingpong feather center joy, tin North Hospital team won the team title.

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