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一、Employee training:
Putian and depending on training 365 signed agreements, targeted training for company employees on a regular basis. Video 365 training part president of College, human resources, financial management, production management, and marketing skills. Through this project, the different levels of employees can participate in different courses. Simultaneous development of employees and enterprises, the company's employees must undergo regular professional manufacturers targeted training.

二、Employees Career Planning Steps
It on their own to make a comprehensive analysis, including the analysis of individual needs, abilities, interests, personality, temperament, etc., to determine what kind of career for themselves and their what capabilities.
2.Organizations And Cocial Environment Analysis
It is the analysis of their environment, in order to determine whether to adapt to changes in the organizational environment or social environment, and how to adjust themselves to adapt to the needs of the organization and the community. The short-term planning is paying more attention to the analysis of the organizational environment, long-term planning to focus more on the analysis of the social environment.
3.Assessment Of The Career Opportunities
It includes the assessment of the opportunities for long-term and short-term opportunities. Analysis of the social environment, combined with my specific situation, assess what the long-term development opportunities; analysis of the organizational environment, the assessment of the organization in which short-term development opportunities. Vocational and career development goals can be determined through the assessment of the career opportunities.
4.Determine career goals
It includes the determination of the goals in life, long-term goals, medium-term goals and short-term goals, life planning, long-term planning, medium-term planning and short-term planning corresponding. In general, we must first personal professional, personality, temperament and values​​, as well as social trends to determine their own life goals and long-term objectives, and goals in life and long-term goals and then carry out the differentiation, organizational environment based on personal experience and which develop appropriate medium-term goals and short-term goals.
5.Develop An Action Plan
In determining the above various types of career goals, it is necessary to develop appropriate programs of action to achieve them, the goals into concrete programs and measures. Important action program in the process of career development path selection, career choices, and the formulation of appropriate education and training programs.
Assessment and feedback
Career planning assessment and feedback process individuals for their continuous understanding of the process, is also a constant awareness of the social process, career planning is more powerful means.

三、Fair Mechanisms For Promotion

Personnel Grades Layer Post Grade Post Family Of Techniques Professional Family Management Of Family
High Level
(management level)
10 top management      
deputy general manager, director of class
8 department manager technical manager   quality manager,
health pipe Mmnager,
manufacturing manager
financial manager
sales manager
enterprise management department manager 
7  vice president

 vice president-level

 vice president-level

vice president 

 Middle Level
(management functions and general grade) 
6 the department head level

design director,echnical audit supervisor,mchanical and electrical supervisor,
director of engineering
ingredients in charge

program director,
logistics Supervisor
warehouse supervisor,
experienced workshop director,
quality manager
personnel director 
5  vice director
 assistant stage

design Engineer,
technical review engineers,
electromechanical deputy Head,
production technology division,
ingredients craftsmen

project assistant,
logistics assistant,
workshop director,
quality assistant,
warehouse assistant
administrative assistant
personnel assistant  
Grass Roots
(general grade · junior level)
4  the positions commissioner level  design Technician,
technology trial technicians,
electromechanical leader,
production of craft,
ingredients craft
program specialist,
logistics specialist,
workshop, deputy director,
quality engineer,
warehouse management division 
chief commissioner,
personnel commissioner  
3  grassroots management level  equipment senior technicians,
electrician senior technicians

production team leader,
workshop reservoir dry,
senior quality inspector,
senior product testers,
senior storage administrator,
statistical clerk,
purchasing clerk

chief clerk,
personnel clerk,
canteen administrator,
dormitory administrator

2 basic skills level equipment repairman,
electrical operator 

skilled operatives,
production maneuvers,
quality inspectors,
product testers,
storage administrator  

driving drivers
cafeteria chef
1 general workers stage    porter cleaning staff,
cafeteria workers

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