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Equipment Update Fast
Wuxi Putian Core from the 2007 introduction of the first the German Georg cross cut line start,Now growing at a speed of two to three times per year,and there is the ever-accelerating trend.It now has 12 Cross-cut lines and 6 Slitting line.To the equipment manufacturers, the company has ordered for delivery in 2011, four cross-cut lines and two slitting lines.
Equipment  Customization
The company ordered transverse shear devices to equipment manufacturers were carried out in accordance with their own technology, manufacturing requirements, to meet the needs of high-precision.Collaborative R & D enterprise and a domestic equipment manufacturer and has put into the production of 400 Cross-cut lines.It was the only one of 40 cycles per minute transverse shear device in China.All configuration is designed in accordance with the Putian core processing requirements.
 Name  Xian Qiyuan XBJ32B-60 Cross-cut Line  Xian Qiyuan XBJ22B-40 Cross-cut Line German Georg TBA400 Cross-cut Line
 Clip Width  60~640mm  40~440mm  40~440mm
 Clip Thickness  0.23~0.35mm  0.23~0.35mm  0.23~0.35mm
Clip Length    400~2500mm  400~2500mm
 Clip length tolerance  ±0.2mm  ±0.2mm  ±0.2mm
 Clip angle tolerance  ±O.025°  ±0.025°  ±0.005°


 ≤0.02mm  ≤0.02mm  ≤0.02mm

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