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Tianxin Literary Society organized the building of enterprise culture and "Celebration of Light editing seminar
13/03/2013 | click 1955
15:00 pm March 13, Tianxin literary society organizations convened on the building of enterprise culture and the "Celebration of Light editing seminar was held in the third floor conference room, more than 20 people in each department manager, and cultural backbone, correspondent was invitedto attend, the meeting was presided over by the Chief Editor Zhou Shuguang, editing, reporting, and also outline introduction Putian corporate culture construction, and analysis of the existing problems of the "Celebration of light", Wang Xiangyang, general manager made ​​an important speech, attended by representatives ofexchange floor, and made ​​many valuable comments and suggestions and, subsequently, the General Assembly elected by secret ballot in the form of the new composition of the editorial department personnel. Meanwhile, general manager Wang Xiangyang award for the year 2012 the third best of the excellent soliciting contributions by DU Miao, and is the cultural backbone issued a souvenir. (Reporter / Thinkgraph)

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