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Seven step ladder seams core
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This product uses newly developed bending clamps. Bent parts with fewer parts, precision machining, accurate positioning, simple assembly, surface treatment and paint process is simple. Bent parts compared to traditional shapes (square tube, channel), the design parameters of flexibility, accuracy up to ± <0.5 mm, after cutting, CNC bending machine bending forming, can ensure the forming size; pull plate with fan Ogata, replace the pull plate pin, solve the problem of drawing board pin misalignment avoid welding-induced decline in accuracy; conducive to the standardization of products, ease of assembly line production, can greatly shorten the processing cycle; compact structure, reduce noise; core insulation material insulation using PET (H level), to ensure that the transformer does not produce a discharge, leakage, breakdown; clamps from the overall smooth lines, shape, smooth, beautiful.


Model: SCB10 epoxy resin cast dry-type power transformer core;Limit voltage: 10 ± 2 * 2.5% / 0.4KV;Frequency: 50HZ;Connection: Dyn11; Uk = 6%.


Low no-load loss; noise; small no-load current; mechanical strength, the ability of anti-short circuit, partial discharge small; clamps appearance, practicality; insulating materials processing is simple, good thermal stability, good insulation properties.


1.silicon using a fully automated production line processing, relative to the manual processing glitch, high precision, high efficiency; greatly shorten the delivery cycle;
2.the core longitudinal seven-step ladder stacked, changing the way of a conventional stacked; relative to conventional seams method greatly reduces the no-load losses of the iron core (can be reduced by 3-5%), and high efficiency laminations, neat appearance and beautiful;
3.he seven stepper core compared with conventional seams core also reduce noise (5-10 dB), reducing the process coefficient (can be reduced by 3-5%) and lower no-load current (5-10%);
4.clamps bending structure relative to the original channel welded, CNC bending machine bend structure using one-time bending molding, higher mechanical strength and higher machining accuracy, the practicality while improving efficiency;
5.insulation insulating material using PET, PET compared with ordinary insulator insulation class (at least up to 1000 megohms of insulation resistance), simple processing, and good thermal stability.

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